Provide your employees with access to a suite of mortgage and real estate services and discounts through a customized website and a team of pre-screened, licensed local (when available) experts.


Make it Meaningful

Innovative employers are constantly seeking ways to provide a wider array of valuable benefits while keeping costs in line. A better benefit package improves your recruitment and retention results. In 2013, SHRM conducted a survey to assess “financial wellness” as part of the overall state of employee benefits in the workplace. 7 out of 10 HR professionals indicated that personal financial challenges have a “large” or “some” impact on overall employee performance. YourHomeResource® has been created to help your employees make smart decisions when it comes to buying, selling or refinancing Real Estate. We provide all the tools for achieving peace of mind on what is, for most Americans, the biggest financial decisions of their lives…and all at no cost to your company.

Make it Easy

Time is money and most HR Departments are using every available man-hour to cover their primary responsibilities. There is little or no “extra time” to implement other programs. YourHomeResource® was created with this in mind. Easy to implement and requiring little maintenance, we provide all message content for program launch, seminar offerings and any other interaction approved by your organization. All communication can be channeled through your designated point of contact should you so desire. Our content is very specific so employees can opt in for the topics that are relevant and receive the information in the manner they choose.

7 out of 10 HR professionals indicated that personal financial challenges have a “large” or “some” impact on overall employee performance.


  • Access to a pre-screened team of licensed local (when available) lending and real estate professionals.
  • A personalized, password-protected website for mortgage and real estate information.
  • On-site educational seminars designed for small or large groups
  • One-on-one consultations at the employee’s convenience.
  • Ongoing communication materials to inform your employees about the valuable benefits available to them.
Discounts & Protection

Individual discount and protection plans tailored to the meet the needs of your employee base. Let's talk today to create the best value proposition for your employees.

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  • 24/7 password protected access to specifc content employees need for financial wellness
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How to Get Started

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